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LOGO! logic module
- The compact, easy-to-use and low-cost solution for simple control tasks
- Compact, easy to operate, universally applicable without accessories
- "All in one": Integrated display and operator panel
- 36 different functions can be connected at the press of a button or by means of PC software; up to 130 times over
- LOGO! 8 : 38/43 different functions can be linked at the press of a button or using PC software; up to 200/400 times
- Functions are easy to change at the press of a button. No more time-consuming rewiring
LOGO! CSM 12/24
LOGO! CSM12/24 Compact Switch Module connection of a LOGO!
LOGO! TD Test Display
LOGO! TD text display, 6-line, 3 background colors, 2 Ethernet ports, installation accessories for LOGO! 8
LOGO! CIM communication interface module for LOGO! 8 ModbusRTU interface (RS232/485) 4-port switch; without 4G/LTE engine; without antennas; GPS integrated; web configurator
LOGO! 12/24RCE
LOGO! 12/24RCE, logic module, display PS/I/O: 12/24VDC/relay, 8 DI (4 AI)/4 DQ, memory 400 blocks, modular expandable,
LOGO! 230RCE,logic module, display PS/I/O: 115V/230V/relay, 8 DI/4 DQ, memory 400 blocks, modular expandable, Ethernet, integrated web server, data log, user-defined web pages, standard microSD card for LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.3 or higher, older projects executable cloud connection in all LOGO! 8.3 basic units
LOGO! DM8 230R expansion module
LOGO! DM8 230R expansion module, PS/I/O: 230V/230V/relay, 2 MW, 4 DI/4 DO for LOGO! 8
LOGO! DM16 230R expansion module
LOGO! DM16 230R expansion module, PS/I/O: 230V/230V/relay, 4 MW, 8 DI/8 DO for LOGO! 8
LOGO! DM8 24R expansion module
LOGO! DM8 24R expansion module, PS/I/O: 24V/24V/relay, 2 MW 4 DI/4 DO, AC/DC/NPN input for LOGO! 8
LOGO! DM16 24R expansion module
LOGO! DM16 24R expansion module, PS/I/O: 24 V DC/24 V DC/relay, 8 DI/8 DO, 4 MW for LOGO! 8
LOGO! SOFT Comfort V8
LOGO! SOFT Comfort V8, single license for 1 installation E-SW, SW and documentation on DVD, 6 languages, executable on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (32- and 64-bit), Mac OSx 10.7 Lion to incl. Mac OSx El Capitan, Linux SUSE 11.3, SP3, K 3.0.76
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