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What do the front panel LEDs indicate? [EKI-2000/7000]
  These LEDs indicate the following conditions.
· P1 Appropriate external DC power is applied to power input #1 (V1+ and V1-)
· P2 Appropriate external DC power is applied to power input #2 (V2+ and V2-)
· P-Fail One of the two external DC power supplies is not functioning or is disconnected.Fake Gucci Bags

Does the switch have Link, Activity, and Speed indicators for each Ethernet port? [EKI-2000/7000]
  Yes, each Ethernet port includes a Link/Activity and Speed LED directly adjacent to the RJ45 Ethernet connector. The Link/Activity LED (green) indicates a valid link and blinks whenever data is transmitted or received. The Speed LED (amber) is on when a 100Mbps device is connected, and off for a 10 Mbps device.

I don see an uplink port or uplink switch. Does this mean I need to use an Ethernet cross-over cable to connect one switch to another? [EKI-2000/7000]
  Theres no need for cross-over cables, since the switch features Auto-MDI/MDIX operation. As devices are connected, the switch automatically configures the port for proper operation.

Does the switch require any setup or configuration? [EKI-2000/7000]
  No setup or configuration is required since its an unmanaged switch. All thats required for installation is to mount the switch, plug in your Ethernet devices, and connect a suitable 12 to 48VDC power supply.

What is the difference between Single Mode (S-M) and Multimode (M-M) cable? [EKI-2000/7000]
  Single-mode (S-M) and multimode (M-M) fiber cables differ by the number and wavelength of light signals that they support. M-M fiber is the most common, with a fiber cord of 62.5 or 50 microns, and supports multiple light signals at various wavelengths simultaneously. S-M fiber has a much small core (about 9 microns) and can only support a single wavelength of light. Due to its construction, S-M fiber has less light attenuation, resulting in longer transmission distance.

Are SFP model included with my switch? [EKI-2000/7000]
  SFP modules are optional accessories. Please make sure to determine the appropriate SFP module, based on transmission distance and application requirements, and order separately.

What type of connector do SFPs have? [EKI-2000/7000]
  Optical SFPs (e.g. SX, -LX, -ZX) are equipped with a duplex (dual) LC type connector. Copper SFPs have a RJ45 connector.

What is an SFP Module? [EKI-2000/7000]
  The SFP (or Small Form-Factor Pluggable) module is a compact and modular transceiver for data communications. Also known as mini-GBIC (GigaBit Interface Converter), it is a popular standard for commercial networking equipment. SFP modules are available for different media types and data rates, based on application requirements. They are also hot-swappable, eliminating the need to power-down the equipment they are installed in during maintenance.

Wiring for echo functions in ADAM-4520 (RS-232 to RS-485)
When sending a query from RS-232 to RS-485, I need an echo immediately before getting a response from the device. How can I do this with ADAM-4520?

You can do following wiring: Tx+ connects to Rx+ and Tx- connects to Rx-, as shown in RS-422 connection side. For RS-485, Data+ to device Data +; Data- to device Data -, as normal.

Can ADAM- 4K I/O modules work without ADAM-4520?
  Description: Can ADAM- 4K I/O modules work without ADAM-4520??
ADAM 4k series can be commanded with any device which provide RS-485 protocol.
The most important thing is that the device has to have the flow control that can help to switch back and forth between listen and send commands. Usually, there is only RS232 COM port for most of the PC, therefore it needs ADAM-4520 to help transfer from RS-232 to RS-485.

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